Good news for taxpayers , now you  can check your status of Income Tax Refund with click of their mouse! the scheme is called Refund pilot scheme.As shown in TIN-NSDL website you can check refund status Assessment year 1998-99 to 2010-11.The Scheme is restricted to few CIT butwill soon extended to other area also.
Status will be available only for those taxpayers whose refunds are to go through refund banker pilot scheme.To check the refund status please fill the form and press submit and you will guided to new page from where you can check your refund status by pan check now.

In the pilot scheme all Income tax Returns will be processed by Assessing officers. ITOs, Asst. Deputy Commissioners, Commissioners. The refunds (by ECS or paper cheques)will be sent by CMP branch of SBI.
Taxpayers will get status of refund 10 days after the refund has been sent by their Assessing Officer for refund banker.